25 November 2008

hrmph tuesday

not a whole lot to report. kids at Lyautey still strain my vocal cords and my temper, grigris is still the cutest thing in the world, even if he is in the "biting" phase of kittenhood, and the french still don't celebrate thanksgiving. :-(  we're having a frenchified thanksgiving tomorrow but its just not the same. i miss america right now, and our ridiculous fabulous holidays (try explaining thanksgiving to a french person and you realize how wierd it must seem... uh yah, its a holiday to celebrate the pilgrims blatent exploitation and eventual slaughter of the native americans, so now we all get together, eat copious amounts of food, watch a parade with big balloon floats and football. then we go shopping. i still think guy fawkes day is wierder. we were supposed to teach it to the kiddos but i rebelled. i just couldn't really think of good enough explanation/answers about a holiday where you burn effigys of a guy who tried to blow up parliment)

anywho, i'm late for a meeting

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