20 November 2008


ANNNDD once again, no school - the teachers are striking today! 

I did mess up and miss one of my classes on Tuesday - ooops! No one was very upset though. I've come to the conclusion that Americans and French get along much better once Americans have accepted this fact: Expect very little, and you'll be happy. Now, that also works in reverse: Very little is expected of you. I explained to the Director of the school that I'd misunderstood the time when I was supposed to have taught and that I was really really sorry (I thought I was in trouble, honestly...) but he was like, oh no worries! And very chagrined that I was so upset by my mistake.

Anyway, I took my day off to do a little shopping...for my cat. Yes, I am offically a crazy cat lady. WHAT. But now Grigris has a litterbox that prevents him from kicking cat litter all over the place (his previous favorite passtime) AND a new snazy collar. And cat food that, suppposedly, is supposed to make his poo less smelly (not the reason I bought it, but I found it extremely bizzare that this would be advertised on the front of the package).

Tonight I'm headed over to one of my assistants friends house (Grigris home, actually) to make dinner for her, because she broke her foot last weekend and has had QUITE the experience dealing with it. The poor girl is on crutches, has a full plaster cast up to her knee and has to have a nurse come to her house EVERY NIGHT to give her a shot so her blood doesn't clot (??? yah, I don't get it either). The poor girl is deathly afriad of needles too. Good news is socialized medicine. In France, even WITHOUT insurance, just for being alive and French (or having applied for a carte de sejour, in our cases) you get 60-70% coverage!! Thats like really good medical coverage in the US! If we pay about 35 euro a month its nearly 100%!

Anywho, that is all pour aujourd'hui mes amis... ugh the term "my friends" will never be the same for me after the McCain campaign...

Grigris in all his collared hansomeness:

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised with your choice of an orange collar, I definitely expected purple. Where has your pride gone to? :)