09 December 2008

Christmas Begins

i love christmas. 
And Le Mans, it turns out, is the place to be for all types of holiday goodness.
There's the christmas Marché, lights as far as you can see. Santa now resides in his chalet at the place de la Republique ---

oh quick interjection of an Emmy story. SOOO cute: in class the other day, i was teaching them how to say "santa claus" and one snot-nosed boy yells out "santa doesn't exist" to which this adorable little girl answers, "yes, he does! i saw him at E.leclerc on Saturday"(a store like Target, kind of) i almost melted

anyway, back to my rave review of Le Mans at Christmas. The best is that the Cathedrale has this light show thingy going on at night, all lit up with projections. I have yet to suceed at taking an adequate picture of this event, but i will continue in my quest. The "spectacle"(french for show but i think the french word is better. more SPECTACULAR! i see the word like that in my head whenever anyone says it) makes the fact that it gets dark at like 4:30 a little more bearable, since I get to watch it when I walk home from school.

anyways, been hanging out at french parties, italian concerts and american apartments, awaiting with bated breath the 19th when my family arrives!!!

thanks all for aujourd'hui folks. gotta go plan me some lessons...

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