12 November 2008


No school today (Wednesday) but a bit of a crappy day, since we did have a meeting with our "responsable"aka the woman (Sylviane) who helps us create our lesson plans. I explained to her what I'd done, showed her my lesson plans and she told me that I'd been conducting my classes wrong, that I wasn't supposed to have the CE1 classes write or read at all. This may sound easy, but believe me, its REALLY hard to keep a bunch of 8 year olds interested in your voice for 45 minutes. So yes, I showed them the words "red" and "blue". Honestly, I think its not that big of a deal but I was told to change all of my future lesson plans to not include ANY written words. ugh. I don't know, I just hate doing things wrong. Granted, I knew I'd make mistakes, you have to make mistakes to learn....its just a bit demoralizing.

However, this does make me smile:

Hours of my Gym:

9:30-2:00 and 4:00-9:oo

Wednesday and Friday

9:00 - 1:00

plus free espresso and candies at the front desk...and yet french women don't get fat. Seriously, a national mystery.

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