16 January 2009


wow, its been over a month since i've posted!

in my defense, I was galavanting around italy with the fam and jed, so ... yeah!
we had an awesome time, saw more chruches and jesus than i ever even thought possible ("do you think it would be possible to visit ALL of the churches in italy?") favorites were probably random walks around florence, especially at night with all of the pretty christmas lights, the "slow food" restaurant in florence where we had fresh mozerella and truffle bruscetta YUMMMM and the salvadore feragamo museum ( they had audrey hepburns shoes and shoe form! )

now i'm back in good ol le mans, reunited with my grigris and the munchkins at my various schools. Things actually seem to be going better this year; i had a definate GOOD day at Lyautey yesterday! it also made me SO proud today when my CE1 classes were all able to play "where's spot?" with me, and say, all by themselves "is he in the kitchen? is he in the bedroom?" etc. granted, it sounded a bit more like, "iz ke in zhe kitchup?" but hey, i was told the whole thing was WAY too hard for them so i've got to be doing something right!

we had snow here the week i got back, and it was worse than when it snows in seattle! the city for all intensive purposes, shut down for 3 days. no buses ran, and attendance at school was really slim. of course, i didn't get a day off cause the snow and my schedule meshed well and was able to walk (slip and slide) to school (they didn't think to salt or sand the sidewalks, or did so in a completely unproductive manner. as one of the teachers said "they spent all of their money on pretty christmas lights and not on things that are actually useful!" how french)

anywho, it was a great christmas, and i'm glad to be back, just now worrying about what exactly i'm going to do next year! i might try to renew my contract here, but that seems to be easier said than done. i've been given some hope that i might also be able to find a job as an english teacher/assistant at the university but who knows; its all very up in the air. i might also want to try out somewhere else in france, aguh i don't know! yayyyy for incertitude. story of our lives, right?

damn cat just ate a hole through the heel of my sock. on that note, à plus, mes amis!

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